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Types of House Cleaning

  • Commercial Cleaning: Commercial cleaning is cleaning carried out by our commercial cleaning team: we employ trained cleaners who use specialized technology to sanitize commercial buildings, such as: Offices. Cleanrooms and R&D Facilities. Medical and Healthcare Facilities.

  • Standard cleaning: Includes sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting and tidying up

  • Deep cleaning: Removes a deeper level of grime and dirt in the bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and kitchen. Deep cleaning could also include refrigerators(outer), oven, microwave, lamps, and other hard-to-reach areas

  • Thorough cleaning: The Top cleaning of them all this includes everything in Deep & Standard Cleanings plus, baseboards, window sills, inside and behind oven, microwave, refrigerator 

  • Move-out cleaning: This service gets your home or apartment move-out ready with a full cleaning that includes walls, cabinets and other areas you haven't cleaned since you moved in.

  • After-event cleaning: A full cleanup after an event or party: Cleaning dirty dishes, living space cleanup, and taking out the trash are often included.



Standard Cleaning Explained

When you hire professional house cleaners for a “Standard cleaning,” this is going to include the things you would do on a weekly basis. A standard clean is designed to help maintain a certain level of cleanliness around your house.

When you invest in a regular clean (which will be what you typically receive) the home cleaner will do some of the following things:

• Vacuuming and mopping your floors

• Tidying up the house

• Cleaning the bathrooms – toilet, bath, mirror, sink, etc.

• Cleaning the kitchen – wiping surfaces, outside of appliances, taking out trash, etc.

These cleaning tasks typically don’t take that long to complete; however, they are essential to help keep your home free from dust, dirt and other debris.

Deep Cleaning Explained 

Now that you know what a Standard cleaning entails, it’s time to discuss a Deep clean. Deep cleaning is something you are likely going to need to invest in when you first hire a cleaning service. While Deep cleaning is more expensive than Standard cleaning, it also only needs to be done every Three months, or so.

Deep Cleaning Incudes:

  • Dust from Top to bottom

  • Dust Light Fixtures & Fans

  • Dust Baseboards

  • Dust Furniture & Decorations

  • Dust Blinds & Windowsills

  • Cabinets – Dusted

  • Microwave (inside)

  • Fridge (inside)

  • Oven (inside)

  • Soap & Scum Buildup Removal

  • Kitchen Grease & Buildup Removal

  • Small Appliances

A deep cleaning service will remove the deep dirt and grime in your home. It will cover the areas that aren’t typically covered in a regular cleaning service.

Thorough Cleaning Explained

Some of the services provided when you hire our cleaning service for a thorough clean include:

• Remove scale and soap scum from shower heads, taps, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, etc.

• Clean behind appliances such as the oven, washing machine and cut through the grime that often builds up

• Deep and complete dusting including the baseboards and doors in all rooms

• Washing the home’s interior windows

• Cleaning patio doors and window frames

• Cleaning the interior of the oven and glass door

Thorough Cleaning Includes:

  • Hand Wash Baseboards

  • Hand Wash Wood Trim

  • Hand Wash Cabinet Fronts

  • Behind Oven

  • Behind Fridge

  • Behind Microwave

  • All Appliances

  • Wash Windows & Sills (inside)

  • Patio Doors & Frames (inside)

  • Vacuum Furniture


As you can see, this cleaning is much more thorough than a regular cleaning service. This is the main reason that you pay more when you hire the professionals. It also takes longer to complete.



What Type of Cleaning Do You Need?

When you are ready to hire us as your cleaning service, you may wonder what type of cleaning you need to begin with. In most cases, when you are starting out, scheduling a deep clean is a smart move.

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